Lighting Installation Kit Ltkit

  • Lighting Installation Kit Ltkit
    Lighting Installation Kit Ltkit
    Light Switches
    Lighting Installation Kit LTKIT Lighting Installation Kit LTKIT Features: Kit Includes: Gardner Bender GCV-3206 Voltage-Continuity Screwdriver (1 each); 3M 16720 Vinyl Plastic Electrical Tape (1 each); Gardner Bender 19-1G1 6-Count Yellow Uni-Lok Wire connectors (1 each) Gardner Bender GCV-3206 Voltage-Continuity Screwdriver: Makes quick work out of any electrical project. Screwdriver tip and voltage probe. 360 bright visual indicator. New simple touch design eliminates need for connecting test lead. Tests outlets, fuses, switches, extension cords, and light fixtures. 12-250 VAC/DC on live circuits or continuity on non-live circuits 3M 16720 Highland Vinyl Plastic Electrical Tape: Use to insulate or repair electrical wires and cords. Protects against abrasion, weather, water, oil, chemicals and solvents. Black 3/4 x 66' Gardner Bender 19-1G1 6 Count Yellow Uni-Lok Universal Wire Connectors: Designed to accept a wide range of wire combinations. Swept mini wings provide additional torque. Square wire spring grabs and hold wires for secure connections. Long skirt covers stripped wires
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